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The Tomb of Seuthus III

From the Exterior the tomb Appears Bit more Than a massive mole mountain covered bud. In reality all around the valley bottom, there are mounds just enjoy that, some big, some miniature, but similar in look and left over from across the 5th century BC. It’s estimated that there are approximately 1,500 these tombs and therefore the area was renamed the Valley of the Thracian Kings. But, only a few are excavated rather than all of the mounds actually comprise the stone-built tombs inside

Little is understood regarding the Thracian culture, Although the exploration and opening of some of these tombs has shown various treasures from which assumptions may be made.The tomb could be attained by a new Tarmac road, resulting in car park from the side of the massive mound. On south side of this mound, an opening was dug to the new and side glass doors enclose a foyer in which pamphlets in both Bulgarian and English could be bought and in which you cover about 3 lev (1.50 Euros) per person to put in the tomb itself co so che tac da my nghe.

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At the doorway to the foyer is a Large stone. This is the spot in which a bronze head of a man had been discovered. It had been come apart a statue and lay propped up with stones at the tomb’s entrance.

In the tomb’s’foyer’ that a corridor runs for Roughly 13 metres into the centre of the mound where three rooms were also found. This corridor had been stuffed with stones and dirt when it was originally found but the roof and walls, which are created of enormous square painted granite cubes, show that in some point, a fire had burst through the corridor, blackening the ceiling and walls. It’s believed that possibly the wooden support structures where set alight when the tomb was shut.

In the end of the corridor is a little The skeleton of a horse has been discovered this Chamber and it’s believed that the animal was sacrificed so as to accompany Its owner into another life. Additionally other burial mounds, the skeletons of large dogs Have been found and in a few, the bodies of young females, maybe girlfriends of the Tomb’s owner since it’s thought that it may have been an honor to expire and be Buried with your own husband.