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How Personalised Teddy Bear Gifts Are Made

The Method of producing your Personalised Teddy Bear is not a simple one and has been a combo of our work as well as your input; original we have the newest SupersoftKo-Hair Teddy Bear fabric- one of the best possible XXL Teddybär fabrics available- coloured to our special plumped for Pantone colours.

The cloth is then cut into our exclusive Teddy Bear designs and also the safety lock-in eyes have been added (every one our Teddy Bears are manufactured to European safety standards). Then we include the stuffing to the Teddy Bear- a mixture of kapok and crispy beans- to give your Teddy Bear gift that special soft to the touch, cuddly feel. Most this is done to make certain that your Teddy Bear gift is loved by the recipient and stands apart from one other Personalised Teddy Bears on the industry.

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All our Teddy Bears includes a Special hooded shirt that leads to this individual personality of each Teddy Bear. All these Teddy Bear’ hooded tops are custom made in fine-gauge fabric -to allow them to shoot top excellent embroidery- and also therefore are constructed filled with a genuine kangaroo pocket neck and also outside BearWear tag is stitched onto the sleeve; this really is done with exemplary care and attention to detail to make sure your Teddy Bear Donation is among the greatest achievable quality.

Now this is where you come in, for it’s Your input that will make the Teddy Bear Donation so unique. First you choose your Teddy Bear’s colour and choose a hooded shirt to select the Teddy Bear. Then comes the personal touch; then you choose the text to really go around the Teddy Bear’s hooded top; choosing a heart, star as well as flashes to grow the Teddy Bear’s garment. This permits one to truly express yourself in a meaningful and true way. Afterall, it’s your input that contributes to the Teddy Bear’s final, exceptional appearance! Misscindy Giant Teddy Bear Plush Stuffed Animals for Girlfriend  or Kids 47 inch, (White): Toys & Games

Together we can make a Gorgeous, Personalised Teddy Bear Present. Not only would you get to Choose exactly the Teddy Bear’s Personalisation message, nevertheless the next thing additionally lets you personalise the Once we get your Instructions, we enter the personalisation message to your own Teddy Bear’s garment To an embroidery application program that converts your own message to some sewing file. The Small hooded Teddy Bear garment has been styled up along with also the layout Out-putted Into the sewing machine in which a trace carries place to ensure perfect positioning